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100% Beeswax Crackling Wick Candle


Our very special Crackling Wick Beeswax Lidded Candles are here for a limited time only. They are hand poured in small batches with the highest quality golden beeswax. Lighting this candle will take you into a beautiful moment of gooey honey scents and calming fireplace-like crackles that will be a true treat to experience.


Due to the high melt point of our luscious beeswax, these 6oz. candles burn much longer than soy wax. Crackling wick beeswax candles can burn upwards of 50+ hours, when wicks are kept trimmed to ¼ inch and burned less than 4 hours at a time .


Beeswax Crackling Wick Glass Jar Candle 6oz.


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