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Looking past the wax

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Over the last few months, especially over the holiday season, I have been lucky enough to meet some incredible new people by sharing my art at farmers markets and special events. Since I have been blessed enough to become a part of their lives and be let into their worlds, I figured it was high time I let you into mine!

My husband Kevin and I live in Orange County with our two fur kids. Taco is an 11 year young Long-haired Chihuahua/Pomeranian and Hemi is a 5 year old Egyptian Mau (demon cat, maybe feral, maybe we just raised him wrong, who knows). They truly are the loves of our lives and they make every day a little brighter.

During the warm months of the year we like to spend as many weekends as possible soaking up the sun at the river or getting out of town to be with family.

We love going to concerts, festivals, sporting events or basically anything we can enjoy outdoors. When it starts getting colder, we pack it up and head to the desert or mountains for some campfires and dirt biking. While we love being out in nature and just enjoying all that God has given us, we are definitely not above a good 'Netflix and Chill' weekend either.

Professionally and passionately speaking, I am a Chef. No matter what other hobbies or excitements come along, I will always be the biggest foodie at heart.

Kevin and I have amplified our marriage with a pride for good eatin'. I love to keep things simple, easy and delicious, while he likes to get a little crazy, make things a tad more complicated, yet blow your mind in a "I did this!" kind of way. So don't be surprised if I throw a few of our favorites at you along the way in my new journey here with you.

When I lost my job in 2019, I was cooking (a lot) and eating (a lot), so thankfully one day I had a revelation; I can create things in the kitchen other than just food 💡! Somehow, candles just seemed to be the right course straight away. I have always adored beeswax, but after doing oodles of research on wax, wicks, scents, chemical structure, etc., I found soy wax candles to be my new thing.

I started making my own containers out of beer bottles; I would cut, sand and polish each one. Then I would melt and mix my own wax.

After a lot of time and plenty of 'argh' moments, I decided mason jars would be my new container of choice. I loved the fact that they could be re-used over and over, in any capacity. As most of you know, this led me to start my own site, join in farmers markets and start selling them all over the place. Thanks to family, friends and a steadily growing social following, I am shipping them all over the country!

So, if you want to know what new candles we are pouring this week, what new recipes we are testing out in the kitchen or out back, or what crazy antics the fur kids have been getting up to, keep up with us through this fun new venture. Expect photos (not always perfect), delicious recipes, a few laughs and maybe even a video or two! Thanks for reading this brief intro into my life and check back regularly for some fun times!

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Jan 31, 2021

Exciting to see these luminaries and those flower colors! Just beautiful on my windowsill too! Yay!

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